Let us change the world, one pair of shoes at a time

812_1772The project, Mines of Garbage, was begun in March of 2014 by Pimprenelle, a little girl nine years old who wanted to improve the health of children who spend their lives in heaps of garbage. One pair of shoes at a time.

Everything started with reading the book, Mines of Garbage, by Paul Antoine Pichard, a photographer devoted to people and the lives they lead, and the discovery of his  devastating photos.

“I thought that I could help the children who live bare-foot in the garbage heaps by organizing a collection of money in my school, my family, and in my city to send them Croc type shoes. “ Pimprenelle

She’s now gathering in new shoes or ones in good state, plus clothes and school supplies, with the aim of sending them to the Virlanie Foundation in the Philippines that helps those children who live in mounds of rubbish. Pimprenelle is now looking for the means to send the packages from Quebec to Manilla.